Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I NOTE THAT MY IDIOTSHEET BANNER may need to be updated, but then again the images and historical significance of a former studio space and its impact on my own development as an empirical artist, as opposed to what we may call, a public artist, should qualify it for an extended stay. Two point three years at 52 O Street Studios both strengthened and weakened me as a man on two legs, but the quickening impact of those years, the winsome fellowship of other artists working in the building and the lingering insights of unspeakable enigmas which presented themselves for Solomonic discourse cannot be quantified, except in terms of my own artistic movement, and emotion from which I derive whatever clarity the muse I call GOD, imparts.

This muse is neither male nor female, exists both inside me and outside me, is both grounded in history, and immune to history, for it is personal in nature. I expect one day to make sense of these statements, but today, these fragments are all I have to offer.

But yes, I shall soon begin to post, and comment on my work in this space. All in due time, dear strangers.

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Gabriel Thy said...

For those silly enough to cast dispersions on GOD, just remember that I once fronted an imaginary punk rock band some of us called G.O.D.

Gather Or Divide. Those three letters represented my concept for discovering what it's all about.

You got a problem with that?